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Effortless .html encryption for your website FREE

Protect your site and your business!

If you own a website, you're at risk from Internet thieves stealing your hard work... Your designs, your images and your text. All your content can be snatched with just a click of a button.

Did you know it is easy for someone to steal the data from your website?

Did you know...

  • Someone can steal your website's designs, simply by clicking File > Save As
  • Any email addresses on your website are in danger of being harvested and spammed.
  • Someone can alter the amount they pay through a PayPal button by clicking View > Page Source
  • Your copyrighted images can be instantly stolen and published on another website.
  • Stealing the text from your Web pages is as simple as clicking Edit > Copy

Deter Internet thieves from stealing your content and images with the Globel Encryptor.

This is a free encryption service where you decide which parts of your site you want encrypted. This tool also comes free when joining the Globel Network.

HTML encryption using JavaScript in no way should be considered a 100% guarantee of stopping your content from being stolen, as stated on most other Java encryption sites. Also some of your web site's visitors may have the JavaScript in their browser disabled, but this number is very low around the 0.05% range. Those who have the JavaScript disabled may not be able to see parts or your entire page depending on how and where you use this form of encryption.

JavaScript encryption can be cracked, but it is not easy and above most computer user's knowledge. As a general rule, a person who is trying to steal your intellectual property is doing so because they are too lazy to make their own and therefore may be too lazy to decrypt your information.

You should only encrypt the important parts of your data, since this encryption process will make your web page take up three times as much space which could be an issue for dial-up visitors.

The only true complete encryption solution is a Secured Socket Layer (SSL), but this costs money for certificates and some web hosting companies may charge you more to use it.

This JavaScript encryption will help slow down any thieves who may be interested in your intellectual property. Some may just give up and move on, while others may go through the whole ordeal of decrypting you webpage to get the data that they want.

It is really up to the thief, but you can do your part to slow them down. Slowing the thieves down means at the same time, you will be lowering the theft rate of your intellectual property.

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
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Updated On: 28/07/2007

Globel Encryptor is the best solution you can get, if others say they have cracked it they most probably have but theirs can be cracked too. Don't waste your money find out why and get it free here!
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