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About A U P

Acceptable Use Policy

Before you apply to have your added to our archive please be sure to read our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) as if you fail to follow them your application may be rejected!

We reserve the particular right to not contact you if your site is rejected. Please allow a period of 24 - 36 hours before your link may appear on our site before you contact us or apply again. Your email address, if you supplied us with one, will be used as your point of contact with regards to your application and we will not use your email for any other purposes. Please take alook at our privacy policy regarding this matter.

For a Free Listing
We will not request any type of reciprocal link in exchange for our free listings and we will send traffic to your site provided that:

  1. You understand and have read our terms and policies pertaining to this site!
  2. Your site must be relevant to what our visitors have come here to view! I.e. we will only list a site i it contains similar content to ours; example (since we are on HTML Encryption and web development a site selling pet supplies will not be accepted) the only exceptions to this is in regards to your site being a site sponsor but we will still have the option to choose our site's sponsors carefully!
  3. Do not pick a category that does not follow with your site's content!
  4. We will not link to adult (non-family) or any type of illegal content including those that may or may not sell software that can be used in an illegal fashion!
  5. Our editor's decision is considered to be ALWAYS final!
  6. Your free listing will be subject to our visitor's voting system in order to enhance the visitors' experience as well as to ensure that only the best sites stay at the top of the lists by our visitor's choice! Your site will have as much of a chance as any other site to rank in the top positions.

For a Reciprocal Link Exchange
With regards to a reciprocal link exchange, all of the above terms under the free listings header will apply. In the event that you link to our site and contact us we will in response give you a text link to your site in our listings, but in this circumstance you will be required to:

Ensure that your link to us using one of the following methods!

  1. You must ensure that your link to us is at no more than one level deep on your website!
  2. You must ensure the page where our link is placed is to be accessible from your site's front page (i.e. creating a page that will not be indexed by search engines for the purpose of receiving reciprocal links is considered a one way link)!
  3. If these are not followed by, we may still choose to list your site, but it will be a link using a script and not a direct link!

For a sponsorship listing And/Or (Paid Advertising)
You can support our cause by contacting us and giving your full details along with which page you would like you website's link to appear on, at this current moment we are having to add our paid sponsor sites manually!

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Updated On: 13/08/2007


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