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About Link Policies

How it works?
There are currently three forms of advertising on Directory pages.

As long as you follow our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) we can list your site for free. Your site also will be considered on its usefulness as well as its relative topic to be allowed to archived on this site and viewed by our visitors. We would like to include all the best sites that are available on the Internet here. You are not required to link back to us on this free type of listing and your link will be available to appear on any page under a relevant category to your site's topic. Our site's visitors will be able to vote for your site and the more that vote for your website based on its content, the higher your site will appear on our listings. There is no required reciprocal link exchange since we will use a script to send you traffic only.

Link Partner:
As link partner, we will list your site and you can point back to our site from yours. Your listing will be highly visible and appear in bold anywhere within the particular category that you have selected. If we use a direct link to your site on a reciprocal link exchange basis then you are required to follow our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Your site will still be subject to our user's voting and again if our visitors find your site useful, then they will vote for your site which can allow your link to appear anywhere on the Relevant Listings.

Page Sponsor:
You may also choose to be a sponsor of any page on this site. You will become the "owner" of that particular page for the period in which you prepaid. There will only be a maximum of two sponsors on any given page and all sponsor listings will appear in a bold table on the top of the page. You are not required to face our voting system as your link will always be at the top based on the amount of time that you prepaid for.

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