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About Voting

Directory Voting

Please Vote
Voting is important to any site that is shown on our directory. The goal for any site is to be seen, and since any visitor can visit the sites listed in this directory, any site can have a chance to show higher in our lists. It is not about favoritism since anyone can vote. Although 1 person can vote for his/her own site or even have a group of friends or family vote as well, but since the voting is about all of the visitors, a site that no one related to the Webmaster may have a better chance of showing higher than a site with 100 votes. The reason for this is that if your site is good, anyone can vote for it to tell others that this site is good. So please vote for your favorite sites on this directory.

Your Vote Counts
Since this directory is automated without any form of regulation or tampering, your votes count. Any site can make it to the top of our lists, but you need to vote for this to happen. We will not prohibit a site from showing up high simply because we do or do not like it. It is up to you as the visitor to determine which sites are the best.

Our goal is to provide an informative directory. One in which you the visitor and not the webmaster chooses to be the best. Your votes and comments on a particular site is important not only to the webmaster but also to those who come to this site looking for information on their particular topics.

Listings not regulated by the voting system
There are however, some sites that are not automatically regulated by this site's voting system. These are the paid advertisers. These advertisers use banners and texts along with links and keywords to bring traffic to their site. You can become an advertiser on this site and show up at the top of the listings without the need to receive the most amounts of votes. The advertisers will not affect the number of sites that can reach the top of the list by voting.

Editor Recommendations
Any editor that wishes to do so is able to complete a full review of any site providing that he/she is well informed on the particular topic and feels that the particular site might necessitate a specialty review.


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