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An importance part of using an appropriate HTML encryption is the ability for any computer's browser to still be able to load the data without any major issues.

In most HTML encryption software, you have to manually load the page through an encryptor that creates a .bak file so that it can be decrypted. The problem with this option is that not all browsers are capable of understanding this type of encryption and you can loose unique visitors.

With Encrypted Me's HTML encryption, you are able to easily encrypt the HTML data so that only a browser can under stand it.

How this works is simple. Using a form of hex equivalents of all the characters in your encryption means that all browsers can still load your pages with ease. The reason for this is the simple fact that all web browsers are capable of reading the source code for a website in a variety of forms, one of these forms is the ability to read hex code as if you are reading this article.

It is important to use an encryption that can be decrypted without much hassle by the browser, but it still has to be a hassle for the potential thieves.

With Encrypted Me you can do that with relative ease and simplicity, and you can also take advantage of our many free website tools.

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
Edit Update Authors: RPN
Updated On: 13/08/2007

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