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Decryption Cipher

When decrypting anything that has been encrypted, you need a cipher. When you connect to a secured server, the server passes a certificate to your browser. This certificate is a cipher and it is used in a way to make the site's data visible by rearranging all the lines of text and source code of the webpage to form a visible product. The page may seem normal, because it is, only the data sent between your browser and the server is encrypted.

The type of cipher that is used with this small JavaScript encryption is known as a substitution cipher. In the JavaScript substitution cipher, the characters on your webpage's are converted to their hex form which is composed of two letters that follow a %.

Your browser already has the key to decrypt this cipher as the hex codes are usually used to replace special characters, but all letter and characters have their own hex code representation.

This type of encryption can be hacked, but it takes time. If you were to encrypt your entire page using it, the thief can easily decrypt the entire page, but if you only do it to those important areas, it is harder for the thief to determine where the encryption stops and starts.

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