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Encrypting your site's data is important. Some people do not have the money for the 128 bit encryption and the costs for a secured server, while others prefer to throw their money away on a website data encryptor that can be cracked easily. The only major difference between our encryptor and these is the fact that we give you the tools necessary to encrypt you web site for free.

Protecting you data from being stolen by pirating Webmaster can be a daunting task. While HTML encryption can be cracked, it takes time and effort. Since the pirating Webmasters lack the ability to put in time and effort on their site, most will likewise not put in any effort to crack your encryptions.

Secure your website's data the only way you can for free, with Encrypted Me and our free website HTML encryption tools.

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
Edit Update Authors: RPN
Updated On: 13/08/2007

Globel Encryptor is the best solution you can get, if others say they have cracked it they most probably have but theirs can be cracked too. Don't waste your money find out why and get it free here!
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