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Crack Encryption?

Crack? Yes you can crack encryption of HTML code; it really is not that hard for any seasoned programmer to crack, but neither is anything else text based and with both keys available in the same place as with HTML, don't be fooled by lot of companies that push your paranoia to the absolute limit with this, its usually to drag some more money from you!

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book to give you a false sense of security? When really there is none, the best you can get in this area, in HTML, is a deterrent and that is precisely what Globel Encryption is. So before spending your hard earned cash think about the following...

Fact: most HTML code is Client Side. This means that whatever code is received in your browser will include both the encrypted text and the necessary keys to decrypt or crack it, why? Because it has too, quite simply in order for the users of your website to view your pages. So in that sense any encryption code included in web pages can be decrypted and is already decrypted by a browser or the java assisted code already before your user can view it.

Fact: whatever fancy encrypted HTML code is produced today will be cracked tomorrow? You can change the parameters of these keys sent to any browser on a constant basis, then within a few weeks someone somewhere will always crack it again, so whatever you spend today you will need to update or spend again in weeks to come.

Fact: at present, the more complicated the code the less people will be able to view your pages. All browsers allow certain types of code to be decrypted within the browser itself, the more complicated the script or java class the more this will restrict your audience level of your website itself, with certain types of encryption. This is mainly because there are many types of different browsers out there and not all the Java installed on all machines are the same.

If you do decide to buy a solution don't just go on what the web page say's, ask for a demonstration or trial, look hard at their terms for the solution in this area, I can almost guarantee they will say HTML encryption is not the best solution (or words to that effect)! If you are running an e-commerce site run it from a secure server. Please don't rely on Globel Encryptor or any other solution in this area where HTML encryption is suggested to secure your site.
Remember? ANY HTML Encryption is a deterrent only!

"Statement: I openly invite companies with their solutions to prove me wrong and will rate their solution accordingly, I will even go one better and include their link on this page and if one does appear here you can bet it does work! Otherwise don't bother, save your money and get it free at Globel."

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
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Updated On: 13/08/2007

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