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Encryption in general refers to an algorithmic scheme, which is used in order to encode plain text into some type of non-readable form, which provides privacy. The receiver of this encrypted text will use a "key" in order to decrypt the message into its original plain text form.

Before the days of the Internet, encryption was not really used by the public in general, but was mainly a military tool. In today's world, with the entire online marketing, healthcare, banking and other services, most people now know what an encryption is.

Your web browser is capable of encrypting text automatically, when it is connected to a secure server, you can see this when the address changes from http to https. The server passes the decryption key to your computer upon its arrival, so that only your browser and the server can communicate; anyone else will get useless information

When using JavaScript to encrypt part of you data, you simply convert your data to it most basic form. To us it is complex, but to a computer it is basic and it allows a computer to read those special characters that are not readily found on your keyboard. Every possible character that is used on computers today has a hex code.

This code is comprised of 3 ASCII characters to tell your browser how to read the character. In this form of JavaScript encryption, it is important to realize that you should only encrypt important areas and not your whole web page.

Since this encryption turns one letter into three characters, if you do your whole web page, it will end up three times the size which is useless for your dial-up visitors who will be unable to load the page due to its size. This encryption is only to the human eye, as your browser is capable of reading it without any problems.

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