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Since the very beginning of the Internet, the concept of "borrowing" web content from another site has been common place and this is not only illegal, but annoying and a potential problem with search engines.

When another "Webmaster" takes a page, or an entire website for that matter, the hard work you have spent weeks or even months to develop, like the complicated scripts or java applets can be taken at the same time. This is unfair to a real Webmaster, who works continuously to provide their visitors with unique content. In a lot of cases, we see that the original content can be considered by the search engine to be SPAM. This of course is untrue, so you need some type of theft prevention in your website to prevent this.

You do not have to encrypt your entire website, just the parts that you consider valuable. This is also important as fully encrypting the page allows a thief to be able to determine how you encrypted the site and simply decrypt it.

There is also another useful script that will stop users from being able to right click on your site to see source code of your website's pages.

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
Edit Update Authors: RPN
Updated On: 13/08/2007

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