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In today's market, the cost of hosting a website keeps dropping, but the web hoster still wants to make additional income, some of these even go as far as requiring you to purchase and use their shopping cart. They will scan your site and even disable your account if you do not. This is a type of content filtering that can be remedied with a simple JavaScript encryption of your shopping cart.

There are ISPs out there that will ban your site as "Adult Content" even though it may not be due to the inability of their robots to see what we see.

All of this can cost you money in the long run. In most cases, bypassing a content filter is a big no no, and we do not endorse it in any way. But if your web site's content is being filtered for no apparent reason then it is ok to ensure that your site stays live.

JavaScript encryption of your web site's more sensitive data is priority number one. You can run a Secured Socket Layer (SSL), but this costs money and it does not help with zealous content filters. The only down fall is that a visitor to your web site cannot view the protected area if their JavaScript is disabled in their browser, but luckily only a very few people do this.

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