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There are three major threats in which any Webmaster would need some sort of site encryption. These threats include Email Harvesting programs, Site Scrapping programs and of course PayPal theft.

Email Harvesting is the reason email addresses on a website lead to the SPAM that you receive in your inbox. This happens, not because you are careful not leave your email on certain sites, but because your email is on your site. People use Email Harvesting programs to go from site to site looking for "blah@blah.blah" when it sees @ followed by a name it saves it. The spammer does not care if it is Webmaster@blah.blah they just want to play a law of averages by sending out so many emails, some of them will be received by people and some of those people might reply or order whatever they are spamming.

Then you have the people who run Site Scrapping software, which is capable of downloading your entire website in a matter of a couple of minutes. This software does not pay attention to "no-follow" tags, and it will even grab photos and style sheets, meaning someone can easily make an exact copy of your site, or many copies.

PayPal theft, this is not where they actually steal your account information, but rather look at your source code to find that pay link and then change the total amount. They can then steal what you have worked hard for and you are left trying to figure out why your website sold a $100.00 item for only $5.00.

Stop these and many more threats by using a simple yet easy and FREE HTML encryption that is offered here on Encrypted Me.

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
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Updated On: 13/08/2007


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