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The idea of encrypting and decrypting has been around since the first spoken word was uttered. As children we learn from our peers how to encrypt every day speaking using "Piglatin" Ixnay ona ehay iglantinpay. But as adults we are finding that we have to hide more than our general conversations, we need to hide things like our email addresses but at the same time not hide it.

This is confusing I know, but the problem is that there is these software programs call email harvesters. They are used by a scandalous bunch that send these programs to our websites looking for email addresses, so they can get you to buy some wonder drug that will be delivered discretely from some place in Eastern Europe that you may never heard of.

These are email harvesters; you will simply see them on your web site's logs as a fast moving robot that does not follow "no-follow" codes. They will steal you email and any other email on your website without a second thought and send you an email the next day offering you some product as a way to thank you for the easy email.

There is one way to prevent this. There is a series of JavaScript encryptions that will still make your site visible on JavaScript enabled browsers, but to the robot they will just see a series of unusable data so it skips the email and continues to look for more.

Keeping your personal data on your website like you emails or your shopping cat information private is a vital task for anyone.

Sure this encryption can be hacked, but most people (thieves) who are looking for your information, will not waste their time to decrypt the raw data so that it is usable. They were lazy to begin with, that is why they are stealing your information instead of making their own. Give them something to make them work hard, and they will simply move on.

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
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Updated On: 13/08/2007

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