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Threats Pay Pal

One of the biggest problems with using PayPal, is that someone can simply view your page's source code and create their own modified version. They do this to pass a lower price to PayPal to get the same item that they would have had to pay more for.

You can prevent this by encrypting the data that is seen so that when someone wants to manually lower your prices, they will have to first decrypt your code before they can modify it. Thieves are lazy in general and will not go that extra mile to decrypt you data, when they can simply go to another web site and do it with ease.

This is a simple yet basic JavaScript code that will allow your visitors to see your website normally, while at the same time, your source code is a series of incomprehensible ASCII characters.

The only problem is that if someone does not have JavaScript enabled in their browser, they cannot see the encrypted portions of your site at all. But the fact is that only 0.05% of the world has their JavaScript disabled in their browser.

Encryption can save you the effort of dealing with problematic thieves without costing you an arm and a leg for the use of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Original Authors: Gobel Team (Nick)
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Updated On: 13/08/2007

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